Apprentice process

The Local Unions Steps to joining the Apprenticeship.

1. Report to the Apprenticeship office.
2. Bring all Necessary documents.
    ~Birth certificates
    ~High School Diploma / G.E.D.
    ~Valid Driver’s License
    ~DD214 (If military veteran).
    ~Certificates of Training
            • Safety
            • Welding  
3. Fill out an application.
4. Take a basic aptitude test.
5. Interview to enter the Apprenticeship. (Interviews are conducted once a year.)
6. All individuals selected for the Apprenticeship must pass a drug screen.
7. Start the Apprenticeship.

Applications are received: Year Round, Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM-4:00 PM.
Apprenticeship address:  1709 East State Street    Sheffield AL 35660