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Coordinator - Barry Berryhill   
Phone: (256) 381-9966

  • American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welding Inspector

  • AWS certified welder.

  • Authorized OSHA instructor

  • Ironworkers International Qualified Rigger and Crane Signaler.

  • Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Advanced Rigger.

  • E.P.R.I. Rigger

  • Certified First Aid/CPR/A.E.D. Instructor   

Administrative Assistant - Lynn Gist
Phone: 256.383.3334  Extension: 2

If you have any questions regarding our Apprenticeship program, please fill out the form below and our Apprenticeship personnel will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Thank You.

Terms of Apprenticeship

  • Three (3) years

  • Minimum of 1,400 hours of on the job learning per year.

  • 207 hours of classroom instruction per year.

  • Four (4) quarters a year. Classroom and hands one (1) week, four (4) times a year. Wednesday - Sunday: 7:00 AM-5:30PM.

  • Occasional Saturday Classes.

We accept application for our Apprenticeship program year round. 
Monday - Friday 7:00AM - 4:00PM
1709 East State Street
Sheffield AL 35660

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